Development of an Innovative Technology for the Complex Extraction of Nickel and Cobalt from Iron-Silicate Ores


This article studies the development of a new hydrometallurgical technology for the complex extraction of nickel and cobalt from iron-silicate ores. As a result the following algorithm of actions for obtaining high percent of extraction (for nickel 97,0 %, for cobalt 92,8 %) is offered: Crushed ore from the Batamshy deposit (-200 mesh) is treated with dissolving reagents to transfer cobalt and nickel from the solid phase into solution with subsequent filtration and washing, where 1.0% to 7.5% (by mass) calcium hypochlorite and 3.0% to 6.0% (by mass) ammonium fluoride in 10% technical hydrochloric acid solution (by volume) are used as dissolving reagents. Dissolution is carried out at room temperature for 120 minutes at a ratio of Solid to Liquid 1:10 (S:L = 1:10) and under constant stirring by horizontal-circular rotation of 100 revolutions/minute. The implementation of the method makes it possible to significantly increase the degree of extraction, simplify the technological process and avoid complications in operation hardware design.
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