An Antioxidant Quinoline Derivative Isolated from Pauridiantha Paucinervis Var. Lyalli (Rubiaceae)


  •   Petera Adrien Ranaivoson

  •   Jeannot Victor Rakotoarimang

  •   Jeanne Eliane Roger Lantovololona

  •   Christian Andriamiadamanana

  •   Rivoarison Randrianasolo

  •   Alhison Ramahazomanana


Pauridiantha paucinervis var. Lyalli (Rubiaceae)[1][2] is a plant abounding in alkaloid compounds[3] of which the quinoline derivatives are the majority. An alkaloid quinoline has been isolated for the first time of this plant. The chemical formula of this compound is C26H30N2O9 while its mass is M = 514. This plant can be found and bought everywhere at the markets and at the herbalists on the island. It is a widely known plant of the Malagasy traditional medicine. The structure has been clarified by analyses of its NMR 1D and 2D as well as ESI-MS (coupled with HPLC) spectral data. The test with the DDPH reagent on a thin layer of silica gel chromatogram revealed that the isolated substance has antioxidant activity [4]-[8].

Keywords: Antioxidant, ESI-MS, NMR, Pauridiantha, Quinoline, Rubiaceae


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Ranaivoson, P. A., Rakotoarimang, J. V., Lantovololona, J. E. R., Andriamiadamanana, C., Randrianasolo, R., & Ramahazomanana, A. (2023). An Antioxidant Quinoline Derivative Isolated from Pauridiantha Paucinervis Var. Lyalli (Rubiaceae). European Journal of Advanced Chemistry Research, 4(2), 8–12.