A Review on the Removal of Dye, Pesticide and Pathogens from Waste Water Using Quantum Dots


  •   Kalaiselvi Velayutham Anand

  •   Anand Sandy Subala

  •   K. Sripathi Sumathi

  •   Stanish Antony Lucia Merin


The industrial pollutants in water bodies tend to unsuitable for living organisms and irrigation uses. Water contamination is exaggerating at regular pace and the universe is holding carcinogenic agents. Therefore, there is a necessity of immediate action to generate a potential and efficient technology for water management. By means of this, quantum dots (QDs) have emerged as an effective probe for the removal process. This review discusses the methods for removing and degrading the coloured components, pesticides, pathogens from waste water and contaminants removal ability of QDs.

Keywords: Carbon Quantum Dots, Chemiluminescence, Methylene Blue, Photo catalyst


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